There is dark magic at work in the nearby forest.

The good witch Wanda has been defeated and now the wicked warlock Worfeus is plotting to destroy Grindlewood and its enchanted garden. Only Wanda's powerful spells, written on a secret scroll, can rid the world of the warlock. Timber must lead the animals of Grindlewood in their quest to find the scroll and defeat their enemy.

But where is the scroll hidden and will they find it before Worfeus? Is there really enough magic in their wild garden to help them defeat such evil?

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ISBN 9781909483125
Author Jackie Burke
Publisher Lindon Books
Imprint Lindon
Publication date 1 Sep 2013
Format Paperback
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The Secrets of Grindlewood (Book 1)

Jamie and Jemima Grindle move to Grindlewood House with their pets Timber and Teddy. But they soon realise that all is not as it seems in their beautiful new garden.

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