The Rooms cements Peter Sirr’s connection with the things around us — pavements sing, bricks breathe and shift underfoot. In the stunning title-sequence, he leads us on a ghostly walk through rooms of a distant memory, creating an uncanny reflection of the spaces we all inhabit.’ - Poetry Book Society ‘Autumn Reading’ Peter Sirr’s eighth collection is characteristically finely tuned to the facts and flux of contemporary life.

It continues and broadens the adventurous exploration of the room as a ‘stanza’. Another long series, ‘An Audience with BB’, arranges pieces of a jigsaw to invoke the spirit of Bertolt Brecht and to converse with it in a sparkling display. With its European perspectives and rich imaginings, this copious book is a model of style as distinctive as a fingerprint.

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ISBN/EAN 9781852356033
Author Peter Sirr
Publisher Gallery Press
Publication date 3 Nov 2014
Format Paperback
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The Rooms (Paperback)

‘The mapmaker downed his tools. I’ve caught it: every alley, every street, the city fixed and framed. Now I want everything else.’

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