It is well known that the pages of 'Joyce's Ulysses' are filled with hundreds of intriguing and quirky characters. What is less well known is that many of these characters were based on real people who inhabited 'Joyce's Dublin' and elsewhere.

In this title, Vivien Igoe leaves no stone uncovered in revealing the biographies of scores of people that had previously been deemed to be fictional, and who had been accorded little attention as a result. It provides a comprehensive A to Z of these real people with detailed information about where they lived, died and are buried; worked, intermingled and found inspiration.

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ISBN/EAN 9781910820063
Author Vivien Igoe
Publisher UCD Press
Publication date 31 May 2016
Format Hardback
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The real people of Joyce's Ulysses

Vivien Igoe

A Biographical Guide

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