Japan. The last decade of the seventeenth century.

Men who lived by the sword find themselves without a vocation while women begin to confront new opportunities and threats hitherto unimaginable.

The austere demands of the haikai poet are no match for the new popularity of urban performers, and the medieval samurai ethos has been replaced by that of the merchant and the shogun's bureaucrats.

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ISBN 9781908308160
Author John Givens
Publisher Liffey Press
Publication date 15 Oct 2012
Format Paperback
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The Plum Rains And Other Stories

The Story of Japan's cultural transition is reflected in various stories such characters as a rogue samurai who seeks solace in wine and young ‘peony girls’ who yearn for a life outside the pleasure quarters. The Plum Rains brings to life a uniquely beautiful and violent world.

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