Two months after Alice and Iris solved the murder of Brooke Donovan, Steve Anderson has become a semi-celebrity; Iris Adams and Cole Fielding are almost dating; and Alice Ogilvie is bored out of her brain.

Reluctantly attending the school dance at Levy Castle, Alice sneaks away from the party to do some snooping while Iris gets close to Cole. But when she pushes open the door to what was once Charles Levy's study, she quite literally falls onto her next case...

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ISBN/EAN 9780861545698
Author Liz Lawson
Publisher Oneworld
Imprint Rock the Boat
Publication date 1 Jun 2023
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:The Night In Question : An Agathas Mystery

The Night In Question : An Agathas Mystery

It's not that Alice wants someone to die. It's just that things were a lot more interesting when she and Iris were investigating a murder. 

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