The mortgage process can appear daunting but, armed with a little knowledge and lots of expert advice, the journey from preparation to the application through to approval and drawdown can be a smooth one. The recipe for success is planning.

The Mortgage Coach is a confidence booster to those setting out on the mortgage journey. The guidelines cover the need for good preparation - from selecting the best mortgage, through to the application, how to structure the deposit, how overpaying can work for you and the essential need to review your mortgage regularly.

The bonus is that this book is written with refreshing clarity. Joey Sheahan has the interests of the buyer at heart and puts emphasis on prioritising the long-term benefit rather than the short-term gain. The reader gets the benefit of decades of experience through practical steps, guidance through typical problem areas, with tips and workarounds to get them on the road to mortgage success.

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ISBN/EAN 9781781177389
Author Joey Sheahan
Publisher Mercier Press
Publication date 3 Jan 2020
Format Paperback
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The Mortgage Coach

A practical guide for those house hunting, preparing for their mortgage application as well as mortgage switching.

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