Meanwhile Toby's new year's resolution is to get a dog, and for once Lottie and him see eye to eye. Pot Noodle, the cockapoo, becomes the newest member of the Brooks family.

He's VERY cute but also not toilet trained AT ALL. Lottie soon finds having a new boyfriend and a new dog means she has little time for anyone else, leaving her best friends pretty upset. How is Lottie meant to keep everybody happy and stop Pot Noodle from pooing on the carpet?

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ISBN/EAN 9780241647257
Author Katie Kirby
Publisher Penguin Random House Children's
Imprint Puffin
Publication date 18 Jul 2024
Format Hardback
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You're reviewing:The Majorly Awkward BFF Dramas of Lottie Brooks

The Majorly Awkward BFF Dramas of Lottie Brooks

Lottie Brooks is BACK and she's as BRILLIANT as ever! At long last Lottie and Daniel are an official couple and everything seems to be going brilliantly (except for Amber being increasingly mean and jealous, but what's new there?). 

PUBLISHING: 18 Jul 2024