Recently a long-lost notebook belonging to Dracula author, Bram Stoker, was discovered in the attic of one of his great grandsons.

Painstakingly transcribed and researched, the entries offer intriguing new insights into the complex nature of the man who wrote Dracula more than one hundred years ago. Assisted by a team of Dracula scholars and Stoker historians, Dacre Stoker and Dr Elizabeth Miller neatly connect the dots between contents of the Notebook and Bram Stoker's later work, most significantly Dracula.

Until now, discussion of the very private Bram Stoker has by necessity been largely speculative. Other than names and dates provided by biographers, and Bram Stoker's own sparse self-revelation in his non-fiction work, little has been available to support character studies of this fascinating Victorian gentleman. This personal Notebook shows Stoker's private thoughts and his developing style that foreshadows the journalistic technique of Dracula.

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ISBN/EAN 9781849541886
Author Edited by Dacre Stoker and Dr. Elizabeth Miller
Publisher Robson Press
Publication date 20 Dec 2003
Format Hardback
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The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker

Edited by Dacre Stoker and Dr. Elizabeth Miller
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Published to coincide with the Centenary of Stoker’s death the text of this notebook, written between 1871 and 1881 mostly in his native Dublin, will captivate scholars of Gothic literature and Dracula fans alike.

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