"This long-awaited book just begs to be opened,as it pictures for the first time the Hidden Ireland -  the Ireland where tourists seldom get to, an Ireland really known only to the folks who live along the little roads to God-knows-where.

Photo-journalist David Rice has an eye for the textures, patterns, reflections, the astonishing beauty, and the roadside history and prehistory of this splendid but little-known countryside.

Here we see the little roads in spring, summer, autumn and winter, as well as at morning, evening and night. But it’s not just the roads themselves - it’s about what you find there, what you see through gateways, and indeed about the creatures you meet along the way. These are the roads less travelled by, that Robert Frost spoke of, and taking them will make all the difference."

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ISBN/EAN 9781912514588
Author David Rice
Publisher Mentor Books
Imprint Red Stripe Press
Publication date 11 Nov 2019
Format Paperback
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The Little Roads of Ireland

Get off the great motorways and the roaring trunk roads and explore the thousands of tiny roads and boreens of Ireland - the roads to God-knows-where.

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