Now she has been summoned back to Langley, where she expects to be fired. Instead, she is met by the Deputy Director with stunning news. A single well-placed CIA mole in Iran's uranium enrichment program has kept the terrorist nation from building a bomb by sabotaging their centrifuge's performance.

But after losing his daughter in an airliner shootdown, the mole wants out - leaving the world on the brink. His one demand: a reunion with the only handler he ever trusted, John Dale - Meredith's disgraced, fired, wayward ex-husband.

As Meredith and John struggle through their fraught relationship, a craven CIA political hierarchy, Russian interference, and the rogue spy's manipulation, they must reach deep within their shared connection to maintain, recover, or kill the asset.

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ISBN/EAN 9780593441657
Author M.P. Woodward
Publisher Penguin
Imprint Berkley
Publication date 7 Feb 2023
Format Paperback
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The Handler

Meredith Morris-Dale is a CIA case officer and a damn good one... even if this last mission did go terribly wrong. 

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