Traditionally showjumping was the engine of the horse industry. Sadly we have lost this great fighting edge.

Our national breeding herd no longer produces top class showjumpers. The traditional breeder and his inheritance have been ousted by the importation of foreign horses, and we seem to be content to accept the fact that we are no longer a force to be reckoned with amongst the horse breeding nations.

This book is an exposé of the facts. Has there been mismanagement by the authorities?

Have breeders let down the industry by failing to get to grips with the changes in markets and standards?

Is there a way back for traditional breeding?

This book provides the answers.

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ISBN/EAN 9780955156397
Author Nicholas O'Hare
Publisher Nicholas O'Hare
Publication date 1 Sep 2009
Format Paperback
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Equestrian & Animal Sports

The Hammering of the Horse Industry

Nicholas O'Hare

The Scandal of our Lost Showjumping Heritage. This book highlights our decline after many millions were spent by the Irish State and the European Union on equestrian development work in Ireland.

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