'It was hard to believe he had spent thirty seven years in government departments, whose convoluted titles changed almost as frequently as the ministers who ran them. It had made him adept at distinguishing between illusion and reality. Illusions could often seem more realistic, because more effort needed to be made to painstakingly prop them up.'

Martin, a middle aged, senior civil servant travelling in China with a junior minister, in the dying days of a falling government, has an experience in a lonely hotel room that forces him to re-evaluate his life, his beliefs and his values.

At once an exploration of one man's emotional and life crisis, The Fall Of Ireland metaphorically examines the lethargy, bankruptcy and moral weakness of Ireland and the days just after our bailout.

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ISBN/EAN 9781848401877
Author Dermot Bolger
Publisher New Island
Publication date 28 Feb 2013
Format Hardback
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The Fall of Ireland (Hardback)

Dermot Bolger
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A stunning novella from Dermot Bolger exploring the low point of one man and Ireland.

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