Ray Bateson's infectious enthusiasm for looking back over people's lives from the vantage point of their graves has him in this volume recording the supposed Irish ancestry of various writers along with all the famous names who definitely hail from these shores though they now lie elsewhere.

Typically he entertains his readers with a plethora of idiosyncratic detail about well-known and not so well-known writers. We read of Cathal Buí MacGiolla Ghunna 'probably born in Co. Fermanagh. Like most of the travelling poets of the time he was fond of the wine, women and song.

The best known of his poems is about a bittern which has died of thirst, so he determines not to let the same fate befall him.' George AE Russell's hearse was followed by a cortege measuring two kilometres . Richard Brinsley Sheridan is buried in Westminster Abbey with a stone separating him from Thomas Hardy. Did you know that Sylvester O'Halloran 1728-1807 wrote important works on glaucoma and gangrene as well as historical works.

Ray Bateson has travelled far and wide to bring these nuggets of information to a readership which no doubt will be surprised by the wealth of material generated by the notion of visiting graves.

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ISBN/EAN 9780954227517
Author Ray Bateson
Publisher Irish Graves Publications
Publication date 1 Oct 2004
Format Paperback with flaps
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Irish Social History

The End: An Illustrated Guide to the Graves of Irish Writers

Ray Bateson

An interesting and informative guide to the graves of Irish Writers.

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