Part meditation, part autobiography, part exploration, part miscellany, The Elephant and the Polish Question is the distillation of a literary life of more than forty years.

Owing something to Trivia, the Notebooks of Samuel Butler, and Norman Douglas, it touches on many subjects about which the author has thought but not hitherto had the chance to write, from coincidences to funerary customs, from book-collecting to ship-design, and from prose style to the art of trespass. Snapshots of childhood, friends and personalities blend with reflections on education, music, architecture, the decay of travel, the evolution of language, and much besides. Maurice Craig seeks the hidden links between his recurrent preoccupations, occasionally bringing to light a facet of something that looks like - and may even be - truth. Anecdotal and analytical by turn, the author is resolute in retrospect, believing that only the past is knowable.

There are vivid set-pieces such as the obsequies of William Butler Yeats, visits to No. 10 Downing Street and other notable buildings, and the undeservedly little-known vicissitudes of the Druce-Portland Case. While himself incapable of consciously telling an untruth, the author proves himself a connoisseur of forgery and imposture. He has, in a back-handed sort of way, enjoyed life, its contradictions and discontinuities.

The reader who is prepared to follow him, or to browse at his own pace, will be amply rewarded.

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ISBN/EAN 9780946640591
Author Maurice Craig
Publisher Lilliput Press
Publication date 1 Jan 1990
Format Hardback
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The Elephant and The Polish Question

’Our finest living essayist. Maurice Craig’s exquisite collection is at once literary, erudite and mechanical.’ Kevin Myers - Irish Times. A remarkable book... Craig writes entertainingly about a multitude of people.’ - Hubert Butler, Irish Independent

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