The Cupcake Diaries: Katie, Batter Up! (Book 5)

Coco Simon
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Katie's Cupcake Club friends all have other activities besides making cupcakes. Mia and Alexis are on the football team and Emma plays the flute.

Katie sets out to find her extracurricular niche and soon she's dribbling, passing and catching in an effort to find the right sport for her. Sure Katie can whip up a great cupcake but can she cook on the field too?

When Katie tries out and makes the softball team it's batter up...but instead of swinging away she gets nervous during games. What if she makes a mistake? What if they lose? Is this the kind of batter Katie really wants to be dealing with? Katie starts to figure out that doing what you love always makes the batter sweeter. /h4>

More Information
ISBN/EAN 9780857078834
Author Coco Simon
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Publication date 20 Dec 2007
Format Paperback
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