Grace and her four best friends, Adie, Rachel, Jenny and Una are being trained to be bona fide witches. But their tutors, Mrs Quinlan and Ms Lemon, aren't keen to show them any practical magic. Instead, the girls spend the entire summer buried in books and studying weeds. That is until the new school year starts, and the glamorous Ms Gold joins Ms Lemon on the faculty, the missing member of Mrs Quinlan and Ms Lemon's broken coven; she is eager to teach the girls realwitchcraft. In the hope of mending their teachers' damaged friendships, the girls cast a spell to travel back to the 1970s. However, the spell goes awry, and the girls bounce back and forth in time, out of control.

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ISBN/EAN 9781847172969
Author Erika McGann
Publisher The O'Brien Press
Publication date 3 Aug 2013
Format Paperback
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The Broken Spell

Sequel to the hugely popular The Demon Notebook.

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