Twenty-one wounded survivors and relatives of the dead describe the campaign which led to the establishment of the Inquiry under Lord Saville. They reveal their bitterness at the 'whitewash' of the first inquiry under Lord Chief Justice Widgery, and describe the frustrations and elations of their long struggle to force the British Government to launch a new search for the truth.

The relatives comment sharply on Saville's performance, and on the attitudes of British and Irish politicians, the media and an array of celebrity lawyers. They reflect on whether soldiers and leading politicians should now be prosecuted for murder, and discuss whether the outcome of the Inquiry is likely to hinder or enhance the peace process.

Will the truth about Bloody Sunday raise more ghosts than it sets to rest?

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ISBN/EAN 9780745325101
Author Eamonn McCann
Publisher Pluto Press
Publication date 20 Jan 2005
Format Paperback
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The Bloody Sunday Inquiry: The Families Speak Out

Eamonn McCann
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Told from a uniquely personal point of view, this is the story of how the Bloody Sunday Inquiry came about. The Tribunal has been epic in its scale and implications.

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