When Manda Ferguson falls out of an apartment window to her death, the story is on all the front pages. But then her death starts to have an effect on the living.

Baz: the man accused of killing her has to decide whether or not to turn himself in. Maurice: the taxi driver who inadvertently helped Baz escape wrestles with whether he should mete out his own form of justice. Rachel: the failing election candidate who has to choose between giving up or speaking her mind. Michael: the priest who administered the last rites to Manda and who is finally forced to confront his true (dis)beliefs. Carol: Manda's cousin. A tabloid reporter on the verge of losing her job who begins to discover some curious gaps in her memory…

But the effect travels even further than these five intersecting stories when claims are made that Manda's 'spirit' is appearing beneath lampposts. In an economically devastated Ireland, where people have lost faith in politics, in business or religion, each character strives to answer the question: when there's nothing left to believe in, what can we believe?

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ISBN/EAN 9781848401235
Author Sean Moncrieff
Publisher New Island
Publication date 15 Nov 2012
Format Paperback
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The Angel of the Streetlamps

A new novel from writer and broadcaster Sean Moncrieff that captures the zeitgeist of post-crash Ireland.

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