Squirrel is so excited. It's spring and the most perfect flower has started to blossom - and Squirrel has decided the flower is HIS. After what happened to the leaves in autumn (THEY ALL DISAPPEARED), Squirrel's not taking any chances.

He MUST keep the flower safe, and he needs his best friend Bird to help him! But perhaps Squirrel wants to protect the flower a little too much.

After all, even flowers want a little space sometimes.

Join Squirrel and Bird as they discover and explore the wonderful nature of spring, and learn a few things along the way.

A laugh-out-loud book about the changing seasons, with extra information in the back for especially curious minds.

Perfect as a companion reader to children learning about seasons in school. A brilliant picture book that explores feelings, moods and times where we feel out of control

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ISBN/EAN 9780702322457
Author Alice Hemming
Publisher Scholastic
Publication date 2 Feb 2023
Format Paperback
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That's MY Flower (Paperback)

A fantastically fun springtime picture book from the creators of The Leaf Thief. Hello sunshine! Hello lovely leaves. Nice to see you back. AGE 3+

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