Stop Dieting, Eat Mindfully, Curb Emotional Eating as a way to an improved relationship with food. The book includes a detailed eight-week programme already tried and tested. Take a Weight off Your Mind is not just another diet book, nor a miracle book that guarantees weight loss with little or no effort. Too many people have bought those books, tried them, failed and thrown them into the back of the cupboard in disgust and self-loathing. This new book by leading Irish practitioner Fiona Hoban is based on many years of working with those who struggle with issues around weight and food.

Her approach is based on three guiding principles: stop dieting, eat mindfully and curb emotional eating. Take a Weight off Your Mind is for people who want to get an insight into the vicious and futile nature of dieting, to learn how to undo self-destructive patterns of yo-yo dieting, and to get practical pointers on how best to build a healthy relationship with themselves, their body and food. The book also contains an eight-week programme, already used successfully by many Irish people.. Accompanying the book is a free download, which is designed to reinforce the changed behaviours that the book promotes.

The Take a Weight off Your Mind programme is currently being delivered throughout Ireland by qualified practitioners. To find the programme near you go to Fiona Hoban runs a private counselling and hypnotherapy practice in Westport, County Mayo. She lectures with the National Counselling Institute of Ireland and delivers motivational talks and workshops on a wide range of topics.

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ISBN/EAN 9781907535024
Author Fiona Hoban
Publisher Londubh Books
Publication date 21 Oct 2010
Format Paperback
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Take a Weight Off Your Mind

Abandon dieting, eat mindfully, stop emotional eating.

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