Big changes are coming to late-Sixties Belfast. At first life seems normal for Sammy and Maeve, two children from the opposing republican and loyalist communities. Sammy tries to avoid trouble with his unemployed father, while Maeve has lived with her aunt and uncle since her mother's death. When twins Dylan and Emma Goldman move from Washington to Belfast they strike up friendships with Maeve and Sammy. Gradually the nationalist girl and loyalist boy overcome their suspicions of each other, and all four children become friends. But when the simmering tensionsin Northern Ireland erupt into violence it threatens not just their friendships - but their very lives.

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ISBN 9781847175793
Author Brian Gallagher
Publisher The O'Brien Press
Publication date 5 Jan 2014
Format Paperback
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Stormcloud - A Boy, A Girl, A Dangerous Border

Brian Gallagher
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Complicated friendships prove life-threatening when the simmering tensions in Northern Ireland erupt into violence in the summer of 1969.
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