The main focus of such research is the attainment of embryonic stem cells, and the development of therapies from such cells. Already some of this research is reported to be happening in South Korea. While they were initially discussed as separate issues in ethical and theological debates, they are now closely intertwined.

The first group in England to receive a license predicts that they will be successful within the next few years. This adds an intensity to our need to understand the dimensions of this science and its impact on our life as well as our desire to put a meaning to these developments. This book contains contributory chapters as follows:

1. Cloning and Stem Cells: Reflecting on the State of the Science Graeme Finlay

2. Stem Cell Research: Theological and Contextual Considerations Elizabeth Hepburn IBVM

3. Until We Have Faces: Viewing Stem Cell Research and Other Biomedical Technologies in an Eschatological Frame Ian Barns

4. Why Should Cloning and Stem Cell Research Be of Interest to Theologians? D Gareth Jones

5. A Christian Case for Allowing the Destruction of Embryos in Stem Cell Research Andrew Dutney Contributors

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ISBN/EAN 9781920691455
Author D. Gareth Jones , Mary Byrne (Editors)
Publisher Australian Theological Forum
Publication date 20 Dec 2004
Format Paperback
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Stem Cell Research and Cloning: Contemporary Challenges to our Humanity

D. Gareth Jones , Mary Byrne (Editors)

In August 2004 the government in Britain approved the granting of licenses to research groups who wished to research and develop the cloning of human embryos for therapeutic purposes...

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