This is the story of a young couple who emigrated from Ireland to East Africa in the mid 1950s. Their adventures, both in work and in explorations in remote regions, are told against a background of day to- day living as privileged Europeans in a deeply colour graded society.

The tales of the late Victorian explorers of the 'Dark Continent', Stanley, Speke, Burton, Baker and the Irishman, Surgeon Major T.H. Parke, are interwoven in the narrative: the paths of these intrepid adventurers are crisscrossed from Lake Victoria to the fabled 'Mountains of the Moon', named by Ptolemy and now known as the Ruwenzori.

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ISBN/EAN 9781901658774
Author Sean Rothery
Publisher Ashfield Press
Publication date 20 Oct 2009
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Snow on the Equator: An African Memoir

Snow on the Equator: An African Memoir

Sean Rothery
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This book is a celebration of the splendid highlands and savannahs of Uganda but it is also a story of loss, during those last days of the British Empire in Africa.

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