Following his last violent adventure in Eightball Boogie, former private investigator-turned-cab driver Harry Rigby finds his world crashing in on itself again, through no real fault of his own. When his best friend Finn takes a nosedive off a building - onto Harry's taxi - a chain of events is kicked off that will end up bad, real bad, for those responsible.

Harry faces the death of his son - and the kickback from having killed his real father (Harry's brother Gonzo) in Eightball Boogie); crooked property dealing; art forgery; and a world of organised crime and one particular family with more to hide than Harry realises…

In the twisted moral landscape of his surroundings, Harry must find a way free of his own heartache and pain to discover the truth about Finn's death and what is really going on…

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ISBN/EAN 9781907593499
Author Declan Burke
Publisher Liberties Press
Publication date 15 Mar 2014
Format Paperback
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Slaughter’s Hound

New novel from award-winning author Declan Burke; part of Harry Rigby series.

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