The Island shall have its revenge. Skandar Smith has achieved his dream to train as a unicorn rider. But as Skandar and his friends enter their second year at the Eyrie, a new threat arises. Immortal wild unicorns are somehow being killed, a prophecy warns of terrible danger, and elemental destruction begins to ravage the Island.  Meanwhile, Skandar's sister, Kenna, longs to join him, and Skandar is determined to help her, no matter what.

As the storm gathers, can Skandar discover how to stop the Island tearing itself apart, before it's too late for them all?  Get ready for more action, unforgettable characters, and mesmerizing world building. 

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ISBN/EAN 9781398502925
Author A.F. Steadman
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Publication date 1 Feb 2024
Format Paperback
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Skandar and the Phantom Rider (Paperback)

A.F. Steadman
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Skandar and the Phantom Rider is the second book in the international bestselling SKANDAR series, an unmissable adventure for listeners age 9 to 99 and fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Eragon and Fireborn.

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