But first, you have to get to America.... A lively new range of books that looks at key events from history in an entertaining and informative way, by inviting young readers to imagine being part of great events of the past. Full of information that children will absorb, while enjoying the fun text and illustrations.

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ISBN/EAN 9781906907433
Author Jim Pipe
Publisher Futa Fata
Publication date 13 Jun 2013
Format Paperback / Bog
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You're reviewing:Seachain! Ná seol go Meiriceá aimsir an Ghorta!

Seachain! Ná seol go Meiriceá aimsir an Ghorta!

It’s hard work feeding your family on your farm in the 1840s, but when a disease wipes out your potato crop, you must all escape the horrors of the Famine.

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