But into its short life was packed the most cataclysmic series of events that Western civilisation has ever known.

William Shirer is one of the very few historians to have gained full access to the secret German archives which the Allies captured intact. He was also present at the Nuremberg trials. First published sixty years ago, Shirer's account of the years 1933-45, when the Nazis, under the rule of their despotic leader Adolf Hitler, ruled Germany is held up as a classic of its time.

Some of his views have not stood the test of time but in this book Shirer explores how the Nazis commandeered the Holocaust, one of the most shocking acts of evil in modern history, plunged the world into a second war, and changed the face of modern history and modern Europe forever. 'One of the most important works of history of our time.' New York Times'I can think of no book which I would rather put in the hands of anyone who wanted to find out what happened in Germany between 1930 and 1945, and why the history of those years should never be forgotten' Alan Bullock

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ISBN/EAN 9780099421764
Author William L. Shirer
Publisher Penguin Random House
Imprint Arrow Books
Publication date 2 May 1991
Format Paperback
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Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich

William L. Shirer

It was Hitler's boast that the Third Reich would last a thousand years. Instead it lasted only twelve.

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