A potted selective history of republican resistance to British forces in what's termed British-Occupied Ireland during the 1950s which harks back to earlier republican heroes. An American Jesuit, quoting a Northern Ireland priest, sums up the position in Ireland: 'we must be against the use of force. But the lesson of our history is that force is the only argument that the English pay any heed to.'

This book is inevitably one sided as the people in the north are not English but Northern Irish who wish to live under the British crown. The present situation was not envisaged in this book.

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Author J McGarrity
Publisher Clo Saoirse/Irish Freedom Press
Publication date 20 Nov 2010
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Resistance: The Story of the Struggle in British-Occupied Ireland

Resistance: The Story of the Struggle in British-Occupied Ireland

Students of the republican struggle in British-Occupied Ireland of the 1950s will find this slim volume of interest.

First published in 1957

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