My name is Rebecca Rafferty, and there are so many things wrong with my life right now.
  • My boyfriend has moved to Canada. Canada!
  • I have annoyed my best friends Cass and Alice by going on about him all the time.
  • I am going to a crazy girl's ridiculous birthday party and I am not sure why.
Things have got to change. So I've made some new rules.
  • No moping.
  • No ignoring my friends' problems.
  • Find something exciting for me, Cass and Alice to do so our friendship gets back to normal.
  • Something fun. Something new. Something like joining the school musical …
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ISBN/EAN 9781847173447
Author Anna Carey
Publisher The O'Brien Press
Publication date 24 Sep 2012
Format Paperback
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Rebecca's Rules

Anna Carey
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Sequel to the bestselling The Real Rebecca, Children’s Book of the Year 2011.

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