From the critically acclaimed author of The Broken Empire series comes a brilliant new epic fantasy series, The Red Queen's War.

The Red Queen is old but the kings of the Broken Empire fear her as they fear no other. Her grandson Jalan Kendeth is a coward, a cheat and a womaniser; and tenth in line to the throne. While his grandmother shapes the destiny of millions, Prince Jalan pursues his debauched pleasures. Until he gets entangled with Snorri ver Snagason, a huge Norse axe man, and dragged against his will to the icy north.

In a journey across half the Broken Empire, Jalan flees minions of the Dead King, agrees to duel an upstart prince named Jorg Ancrath, and meets the ice witch, Skilfar, all the time seeking a way to part company with Snorri before the Norseman's quest leads them to face his enemies in the black fort on the edge of the Bitter Ice.

Prince of Fools is the first book in the series.

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ISBN/EAN 9780007531561
Author Mark Lawrence
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication date 23 Apr 2015
Format Paperback
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Prince of Fools: Book One of the Red Queen's War

Mark Lawrence

'The best thing to happen to fantasy in recent years' Peter V. Brett

'On par with George R.R. Martin' Conn Iggulden

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