Always associated with the stimata or the five wounds of Christ, Padre Pio manifested these phenomena, and the accompanying aroma of paradise for 50 years. Padre Pio: The Scent of Roses captures the essence of Pio's life and ministry which was both prophetic and curative, making him the nation's favourite saint.

Recoveries from various cancers, including tumours and leukaemia, heart problems, depression, arthritis and multiple sclerosis are recalled. Keane interviewed 60 people whose first-hand accounts testify to these and further remarkable revivals from brain injuries, infections, accidents, kidney failure, blood clots and problems in childbirth from all corners of Ireland.

A page-turner if ever there was one. A challenge to each person to find God in a significant personal way for themselves.

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ISBN/EAN 9780955913358
Author Colm Keane
Publisher Capel Island
Publication date 1 Jan 2013
Format Paperback
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Padre Pio - The Scent of Roses

Colm Keane writes knowledgeably and sensitively about the extraordinary life of Padre Pio and his incredible spiritual activity. Irish people have visited him, others have been visited by him, and others have prayed to him manifesting amazing cures.

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