This slim volume provides a clear insight into the ideals of all the men who gave their lives in the Easter Rising of 1916. There was no desire on the part of volunteers to wantonly injure unarmed persons. Their sole intention was to break the connection between this country and the British Empire.

Many of the men involved would have had, like Pearse, a religious acquaintance with God. Connolly, about to be shot, propped up on a chair, attested to a Capuchin priest, 'I will say a prayer for all brave men who do their duty according to their lights.' There is a nobility of purpose evident in all the chief participants mentioned in this book. On that score it should prove an inspiration to all readers.

'The Singer' by Pearse is quoted and Mac Dara speaks these ringing words: 'One man can free a people as one Man redeemed the world.' There's a challenge!

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ISBN/EAN 9780954579111
Author Seán Cronin
Publisher Clo Saoirse/Irish Freedom Press
Publication date 22 Sep 2006
Format Paperback
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Our Own Red Blood: The Story of the 1916 Rising

Patrick H. Pearse said at his trial: ’When I was a child of ten I went down on my bare knees by my bedside one night and promised God that I should devote my life to an effort to free my country. I have kept the promise.’ A noble declaration befitting principled idealists.

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