Fifteen men from Kildare marched to the GPO in Dublin to take part in the Rising. After the surrender they were marched off to internment camps in Britain. When the prisoners of Easter Week were released they came home to a different country. All of Ireland was in rebellion and County Kildare played its part.

This book is the story of Kildare through the Rising, the Black and Tan terror, the Civil War, the Blueshirts era and the IRA campaigns through the 1940's and 50's and on to the recent phase of the Troubles.

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ISBN 9780953052172
Author James Durney
Publisher Gaul House
Publication date 12 May 2001
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:On the One Road: Political Unrest in Kildare 1913-1994

On the One Road: Political Unrest in Kildare 1913-1994

Far from being a quiet backwater, Kildare had its rebels and reactionary elements when the national question erupted into violence on Easter Monday 1916.

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