This new collection showcases her many talents -- and the return of her beloved characters Nell & Tig They explore the full warp and weft of experience, from two best friends disagreeing about their shared past, to the right way to stop someone from choking; from a daughter determining if her mother really is a witch, to what to do with inherited relics such as World War II parade swords. They feature beloved cats, a confused snail, Martha Gellhorn, George Orwell, philosopher-astronomer-mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria, a cabal of elderly female academics, and an alien tasked with retelling human fairy tales.

At the heart of the collection is a stunning sequence that follows a married couple as they travel the road together, the moments big and small that make up a long life of love -- and what comes after. The glorious range of Atwood's creativity and humanity is on full beam in these tales, which by turns delight, illuminate and quietly devastate. 

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ISBN/EAN 9781784744854
Author Margaret Atwood
Publisher Vintage
Imprint Chatto & Windus
Publication date 7 Mar 2023
Format Hardback
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You're reviewing:Old Babes in the Wood : New stories of love and mischief from the cultural icon

Contemporary Fiction

Old Babes in the Wood : New stories of love and mischief from the cultural icon

Margaret Atwood
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Margaret Atwood is celebrated as one of the most gifted storytellers in the world. 

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