The Ballinderry River rises north-west of Pomeroy in Co. Tyrone, and for nearly all its course it runs on the boundary between the counties of Tyrone and Derry, till it falls into Lough Neagh. It was the backbone of Cookstown's vibrant linen industry and the inspiration for authors and poets such as Jonathan Swift. Its history, and the impact that it has on the communities through which it flows, runs much deeper.

Fully illustrated with striking photographs, O'Neill's Own Country: A History of the Ballinderry Valley also includes a gazetteer, which follows the course of the Ballinderry, and explains the rich archeological, ecological and cultural elements of one of Ulster's richest rivers.

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ISBN/EAN 9781845889562
Author Kevin Johnston
Publisher History Press
Imprint Nonsuch Publishing
Publication date 20 Sep 2011
Format Paperback
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O'Neill's Own Country: A History of the Ballinderry Valley

The Ballinderry River rises in Co. Tyrone. O’Neill’s Own Country moves from the Ice Age and leads us through the coming of Christianity, the Tudors, and the Ulster Plantation to the Ballinderry River of modern times, rejuvenated by the WWF and the local community.

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