Early Irish people did not use surnames instead they used their own given names, followed by their father's name and then followed by their grandfather's name. By the tenth century the population had increased so much that a new system was required.

Some people used their grandfather's name as a surname thus being Ua Ceallaigh which became O'Kelly. Others used their father's name as a surname thus Mac Ceallaigh ('Mac' meaning 'son of').

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ISBN/EAN 9780946538249
Author Joseph M. Kelly
Publisher Ballinakella Press
Publication date 20 Jan 2003
Format Paperback
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Local History & Genealogy

O'Kelly: People And Places

Joseph M. Kelly
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This book focuses on the family name O’Kelly and the many variations thereof. It is the second most common surname in Ireland and is the anglicized version coming from O’Ceallaigh.

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