Young Author, Sarah Corbett Lynch has written a self - affirming book called “Noodle loses Dad” exploring loss, grief, moving home, blended families through her characters amidst a myriad of complex challenges faced by someone so young. Her birth Mom, Mags died when Sarah was 12 weeks old from a severe Asthma attack.

When she was four, Sarah then went to live in America with her Dad, Jason, to start a new life. He died suddenly and tragically in 2015, when Sarah was 8 years old and her brother was 10. They moved back to Ireland to live with her aunt and uncle and two cousins.

This is when Sarah began reading about other people who have had hard times which helped her so she began to write about her experience through her characters. In this her first book of the Boogawooga series Noodle lives in the Woodland forest with her family when she loses the most important person in her life - Boogawooga. Noodle and her brother Paws then go on a journey to Acorn Island.

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ISBN/EAN 9781916282407
Author Sarah Corbett Lynch
Publisher Self Published
Publication date 22 Nov 2019
Format Paperback
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Noodle Loses Dad

Sarah Corbett Lynch

Sarah hopes through her books that she can help other children find the courage to be themselves, to process their own challenges to find hope and happiness again like she did.

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