Meet Noni: hard shell, soft centre – just like the treats she sells from her pram outside Thomond Park. She’s a law-dodging, pram-wielding, chocolate-selling, wickedly funny woman who likes nothing more than a sticky situation! In her very first adventure, Noni and her young sidekicks Emma and Seán must find out who’s tampered with the chocolate supply before the whole town is poisoned. Will Noni solve the mystery and save her beloved business?

Will Noni’s pet raven, Francis, ever find enlightenment? Will anyone ever teach Noni to say the word ‘chocolate’ properly? 

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ISBN/EAN 9780717197460
Author Dermot Whelan
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 16 Mar 2023
Format Paperback
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Children's Fiction Age 6+

Noni and the Great Chawwwklit Mystery

Dermot Whelan
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Get ready for a laugh-out-loud adventure with Ireland’s most famous chawwwklit seller!

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