Joanne's just had a baby. But her pals keep forgetting that she's no longer available for tequila-fuelled nights out.

She loves her son and her boyfriend but the loneliness is killing her. Claire is feeling left out. The Whatsapp chat with her old school friends is ominously quiet these days, which can only mean one thing: a side group without her. Can she convince them to give her another chance, or is it time to move on and seek out new BFFs?

Fate brings Claire, Joanne and Lexi together as they navigate the knotty, joyful and occasionally toxic swamp that is female friendship.

But how will they each decide which friendships to fight for, and which to let go forever?

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ISBN/EAN 9781529352757
Author Sophie White
Publisher Hachette Books Ireland
Publication date 4 May 2023
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:My Hot Friend : A funny and heartfelt novel about friendship

My Hot Friend : A funny and heartfelt novel about friendship

Lexi is on top of the world. The podcast she co-hosts with her ride-or-die bestie is going stratospheric. But will all this fame and success cost them their friendship?

WINNER IRISH BOOK AWARDS 2023 – Popular Fiction Book of the Year

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