The book, sacramentally shaped, follows three 'offices' of the church, leading us towards an altar then releasing us, changed, to a world blessed by requiem.

The voice that speaks is that of an everyman fallen from grace, who has the temerity to believe in the possibility of belief. In single poems and sequences, metered and free verse, he makes a way towards the window where light shines.

Here the Psalms have taken flesh with the weight of passion that King David knew, and the lightening grace that the Catholic mystics attest to. Deane writes a poetry of place and passion.

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ISBN/EAN 9781857546385
Author John F. Deane
Publisher Carcanet
Publication date 20 Apr 2003
Format Paperback
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Manhandling The Deity

John F. Deane
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This is a book full of one God in many aspects, at once strange and intimate, transcendent and physical, Son of the Almighty yet born of woman.

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