Dublin of the 1960's. A heady and joyous fusion of music, the arts and radical politics. No one person epitomises that era more than Luke Kelly of the Dubliners. Ten years after his tragic death at the age of forty-three, Des Geraghty - a friend, musician and fellow Dubliner - wrote a personal memoir of the singer-socialist, drawing on the memories of Luke's family, friends, other musicians and political activists.

Luke Kelly gave voice to the pride, hope and aspirations of a generation. His legacy is still felt in his city, his country and wherever folk music is valued.

'He was a hero who became a friend and I still mourn him.' Christy Moore

'He had a quality impossible to define, and certainly impossible to learn.' Phil Coulter

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ISBN/EAN 9781855940901
Author Des Geraghty
Imprint Attic Press
Publication date 20 Sep 2008
Format Paperback
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Luke Kelly: A Memoir

Luke was Dublin’s king...he had a big voice, big enough to speak for all of us. He gave us, the Dubliners, pride in the sound of our own accent, in our own tradition; and a sense of joy, hope and determination about our future.’ Des Geraghty

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