Volume One is an edition of the previously unpublished Grand Tour correspondence of Richard Pococke (later Bishop of Ossory) and his cousin Jeremiah Milles (later Dean of Exeter) who, together in 1733 & 1736, embarked on two tours of the Continent, with Pococke famously continuing his travels to the East (1737-41). Their travels are recorded in an extensive collection of letters (from Pococke to his mother and from both cousins to their uncle, Thomas Milles, Bishop of Waterford & Lismore) and a collection of travel journals.

Volume Two reproduces the complete collection of Pococke's letters to his mother from the second tour (1736-37), together with selected letters from Milles and Pococke to the bishop. This tour differed significantly from their first one (the standard Grand Tour of France & Italy) and involved extensive travels in the Low Countries, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, the Balkans & parts of Italy. The cousins spent much of their time at the royal and imperial courts of Europe, and Pococke's correspondence to his mother gives colourful descriptions of their encounters with King George II of England, the King & Queen of Poland, the King of Prussia & the Holy Roman Emperor.

Volume Three reproduces forty three of the forty eight letters (with summaries of the last five) sent to Pococke to his mother from the time he sailed from Livorno to Alexandria in September 1737, unitl his arrival three years later at Messina. It represents a three-year voyage of Egypt, the Holy Land, Syria, Lebanon, Asia Minor, Turkey, the Greek ilsnads and mainland Greece. Though these travels were documented in Pococke's pioneering book A Description of the East (1743-1745), this is the first time correspondence has been published

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ISBN 9780956905819
Author Rachel Finnegan
Publisher Pococke Press
Publication date 29 Jun 2012
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Letters from Abroad: The Grand Tour Correspondence of Richard Pococke and Jeremiah Milles (Volume Two)

Letters from Abroad: The Grand Tour Correspondence of Richard Pococke and Jeremiah Milles (Volume Two)

Volume 2: Letters from the Continent (1736-37)

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