Weight gain, insomnia, libido loss, fertility issues and acne are just some of the possible signs that something is not right with your hormones. In It’s Probably Your Hormones, Dr Mary Ryan, a consultant endocrinologist, explains how good hormone health is important throughout our lives, not just at menopause, and how, by tackling problems when they arise, we can take control and improve our well-being.

The unfortunate truth is that many women struggle to have their health taken seriously and fail to get the support needed to manage debilitating symptoms. In this revelatory and timely book, Dr Mary Ryan shows us how we can recognise hormonal issues and how to balance our hormones with various treatment options, including HRT, diet, sleep and exercise, so that we can live happy, healthy and balanced lives at any age.

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ISBN/EAN 9780717194247
Author Mary Ryan
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 30 Mar 2023
Format Paperback
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It's Probably Your Hormones

Mary Ryan
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From Appetite to Sleep, Periods to Sex Drive, Balance Your Hormones to Unlock Better Health.

SHORTLISTED IRISH BOOK AWARDS 2023 – Lifestyle Book of the Year

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