'Can we not build up a national tradition, a national literature, which shall be none the less Irish in spirit from being English in language?'

W. B. YeatsThis anthology traces the history of modern Irish literature from the revolutionary era of the late eighteenth century to the early years of political independence. From Charlotte Brooke and Edmund Burke to Elizabeth Bowen and Louis MacNeice, the anthology shows how, in forging a tradition of their own, Irish writers have continually challenged and renewed the ways in which Ireland is imagined and defined.

The anthology includes a wide-ranging and generous selection of fiction, poetry, and drama. Three plays by W. B. Yeats, Augusta Gregory, and J. M. Synge are printed in their entirety, along with the opening episode of James Joyce's Ulysses. The volume also includes letters, speeches, songs, memoirs, essays, and travel writings, many of which are difficult to obtain elsewhere.

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ISBN/EAN 9780199549825
Author Ed. by Stephen Regan
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication date 10 Jul 2008
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Irish Writing: An Anthology of Irish Literature in English 1789-1939

Irish Writing: An Anthology of Irish Literature in English 1789-1939

Ed. by Stephen Regan

A unique anthology covering 150 years of Irish writing in English across a wide range of literary genres.

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