Table Of Contents

  • Part I: Preliminary & General
  • Part II: Plans and Guidelines Part IIA: DTA and Land Use Provisions
  • Part III: Control of Development
  • Part IV: Architectural Heritage
  • Part V: Housing Supply
  • Part VI: An Bord Pleanála
  • Part VII: Disclosure of Interests, etc
  • Part VIII: Enforcement
  • Part IX: Strategic Development Zones
  • Part X: Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Part XI: Development by Local and State Authorities
  • Part XII: Compensation
  • Part XIII: Amenities
  • Part XIV: Acquisition of Land etc
  • Part XV: Development on the Foreshore
  • Part XVI: Events and Funfair
  • Part XVII: Financial Provisions
  • Part XVIII: Miscellaneous
  • Part XIX: Commencement, Repeals and Continuance
  • Part XX: Amendments of Roads Act 1993
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ISBN/EAN 9781526513991
Author A & L Goodbody
Publisher Bloomsbury Professional
Publication date 25 Oct 2019
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Irish Planning and Development Acts Consolidated and Annotated (Issue 57)

Irish Law

Irish Planning and Development Acts Consolidated and Annotated (Issue 57)

A & L Goodbody

This fifth supplement to the major loose-leaf work Irish Planning Law and Practice lays out a consolidated version of the 2000 Act, incorporating all the amendments made from October 2017 (the last edition) until September 2019.

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