"Ireland in 1920. The Black and Tans have just arrived to crush the growing Irish Revolution and one boy watches as his country is torn apart by flames of freedom, hate and love. Irish Flames is a thriller based on the intimate memories of Peter Waller - a boy growing up during those troubled times. Stories of the brutality of The Black and Tans have passed down through generations of families but now the words of an eyewitness can show us what it was really like. Anybody with even a little Irish blood in his or her veins will find this story a remarkable account of the end of British Rule."

The Irish Post

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ISBN/EAN 9780954788728
Author John Waller
Publisher Yiannis Books
Publication date 23 Apr 2006
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Irish Flames:The Arrival of the Black and Tans

Irish Flames:The Arrival of the Black and Tans

Set in heart-wrenching times, intertwining flames of freedom, flames of hate and flames of love is this story of Peter Waller and his childhood memories of the 1920’s and the arrival in Ireland of the Black and Tans.

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