Extend the life of your plants, trees and shrubs with this authoritative and comprehensive gardening manual. It covers all the standard propagation techniques including sowing seed; taking cuttings; dividing; growing suckers and offsets; layering; how to create extra bulbs, tubers and corms; and grafting two plants together.

An A-Z directory lists all the key plants for propagating, describing each plant's size, colour and shape, and how and when to propagate them to get the best results. Plants propagate themselves naturally in the wild, using all kinds of ingenious techniques. This practical book explains the most effective techniques for propagating 375 different types of plants.

The book begins with growing plants from seed, covering everything from lettuces and chillies to sunflowers and sweet peas. Next, there are instructions on taking cuttings from established plants to give you exact copies of the parent plant at minimal cost. Dividing plants, layering and graftingmethods all follow and all are explained with step-by-step instructions and photographs.

The directory of plantsincludes growing tips for each individual species.There is also advice about propagation equipment from secateurs and garden knives to bio-degradable pots and cold frames, as well as how to improve your soil and make compost. Beautifully illustrated with over 1100 clear and informative photographs and illustrations.

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ISBN/EAN 9780754834410
Author Richard Rosenfeld
Publisher Anness
Imprint Lorenz
Publication date 6 Jun 2018
Format Hardback
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How to Propagate 375 Plants

Richard Rosenfeld

A practical guide to propagating your own flowers, foliage plants, trees, shrubs, climbers, wet-loving plants, bog and water plants, vegetables and herbs.

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