But the heroine of this story is the serene Mrs Pettigrew, who lives in a railway carriage down in the marshes with her dogs, donkey, bees and hens. Industrial reality intrudes when plans are made to build a nuclear power station on the marshes, and when a village battle ensues for and against this environmental hazard, young Michael finds himself caught up in the sad fate of Mrs Pettigrew and the landscape of his boyhood.

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ISBN/EAN 9781406367324
Author Sir Michael Morpurgo
Publisher Walker Books
Publication date 5 May 2016
Format Paperback
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Homecoming by Sir Michael Morpurgo

Sir Michael Morpurgo

The village of Bradwell is a stone's throw from the sea and is peopled by quirky characters such as the three Stebbing sisters, the white moustachioed Colonel Burton and Bennie the village thug.

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