Part two of his journey starts in Derry, where he gives an account of its history, with a special interest in the seige on 1689. From Derry he travelled to the Giant's Causeway and through the Glens of Antrim. More than just about anywhere else, the landscapes of Ireland evoke the past. Viewing Donegal and the Antrim Glens through the lens of history enhances and gives resonance to every valley, mountain and ancient building.

Stephen Gwynn, who spent his childhood in Donegal and later became a prominent member of the Irish Parliamentary Party, travelled these counties on a bicycle, enabling him to take a close-up view of the townlands, rivers, lakes and historic sites he visited. His loving interest in the history of these places brings his accounts to life, revealing as they do, the hidden stories and associations behind the evocative exterior of the land.

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ISBN 9781909906020
Author Stephen Gwynn
Publisher Clachan
Publication date 17 Jun 2013
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Highways and Byways in Donegal and Antrim: Part Two, Derry and County Antrim

Highways and Byways in Donegal and Antrim: Part Two, Derry and County Antrim

If you take this book with you as you travel around Donegal and the Glens of Antrim you will find that you journey not only over land, but also over time. Part two focuses attention on Derry and County Antrim.

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