At the height of the McCarthy era and the inception of the Cold War, the great journalist I.F. Stone released The Hidden History of the Korean War, a courageous work of investigative journalism that demolished the official story of America’s so-called “forgotten war.”

As the war spiraled to its conclusion, Stone closely analyzed openly available U.S. intelligence narratives on the war’s official start, and the actions of key players like John Foster Dulles, General Douglas MacArthur, and Chiang Kai-shek. The result of his investigations was a controversial book that raised questions about the origin of the war, made a case that the U.S. government had manipulated the United Nations, and gave evidence that the U.S. military and South Korean oligarchy dragged out the war by sabotaging peace talks.

With a new introduction by Tim Beal and Greg Elich, 70 years after its initial publication The Hidden History of the Korean War remains a powerful dissemination of the ‘hidden history’ behind the dominant historical narrative, as relevant as ever.

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ISBN 9781685900090
Author I F Stone
Publisher Monthly Review
Publication date 1 May 2023
Format Hardback
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Hidden History of the Korean War : New Edition

Proxy wars, it seems, are more openly practiced than ever―and yet one of the worst of these was suppressed and “forgotten” even in its own time. 

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